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Tidningen Svensk Torv nr 2/2012

Här kan du läsa senaste och tidigare nummer av vår tidning Svensk Torv.

Tidningen Svensk Torv nr 2/2012

Svensk Torv har en redaktionell sida i tidningen Viola där vi bevakar torvens betydelse inom odlingssektorn.

FB-f-Logo__blue_50.pngVi finns även på Facebook med nyheter, bilder och information.

Klimatrapport_nr15_-ENG_160610-1.jpgLadda ner 

Emissioner av växthusgaser från brukad torvmark i areella näringar


torvforsk-150.jpgForskning inom torvområdet initieras av systerorganisa-tionen TorvForsk – Stiftelsen Svensk Torvforskning i samverkan med Branschföreningen Svensk Torv.

Information in English

If you want to contact the Swedish Peat Association:



Claes Rülcker

Forester, Managing Director

070-240 33 15


Ingrid Kyllerstedt

Communication and media manager

070-293 95 34

Foto: Orasis Foto



Branschföreningen Svensk Torv

c/o Neova

Arenavägen 33

121 77 Johanneshov

Articles and materials in English

Peat-Finn-Viking_rev.jpgThe peat situation in Sweden

In January, The Bioenergy Association in Finland visited Stockholm. In connection with the visit, Claes Rülcker, CEO, held The Swedish Peat Organization, a company where he told us about the peat situation in Sweden.

Here it is as pdf to download for anyone who wishes >>

More information about The Bioenergy Association in Finland >>

Peatland Snippets

Welcome to the new Peatland Snippets, nr 1 2018. This newsletter will be sent to members and friends of the IPS twice a month. To contribute, email us:

Snippets no 1/2018 >>

Peatland International 3.2016


Peatlands International 3.2016 is now ready for download.

Please visit and save either the high or the low resolution file to your harddesk. Reading the magazine in Adobe Reader guarantees the best viewing experience in two-pages + cover page view.

You can also download Petland International 3.2016 here >>

We accept articles for the next issue (1.2017) until 3 March 2017.

Kind regards and a happy New Year

Susann Warnecke

IPS Communications Manager

IPS Convention 2017

IPS-inbjudan-nov2016.jpgDear Colleagues,Here is the first announcement of the IPS Convention 2017 that will be held in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK from 28-31 May 2017.

Please note the dates in your diary, register your interest to make sure you receive the next announcements that will provide more details of the programme, accommodation and how to get to Aberdeen. Please also consider making short presentations at the workshops. Suggestions for inclusions in the programme under the workshop themes will also be welcomed.

Download invitation >>


In order to make this meeting a success please circulate this information to your members and other networks.

Best wishes

Jack Rieley

Chair UK Peat Sociery

IPS UK National Committee

Seminar - Greenhouse gases and peatlands.

There will be a seminar on October 26, 2016, 2 pm in Room J, University building on Greenhouse gases and peatlands.

Please, see attachment and Welcome! >>

It would be good if you sent an e-mail to if you like coffee or tea, etc. Latest Monday 24 October.

WBA - World Bioenergy Association


More information
in english >>

Newsletter nr 1 - 2016 >>

Newsletter nr 2 - 2016 >>

Newsletter nr 3 - 2016 >>

Newsletter nr 4 - 2016 >>

IPS - International Peat Society

ips.jpgThe annual meetings of the IPS in Kuching 2016

Here you find the minutes of the Annual Assembly and the notes of the National Committee Round Table attached.

minutes annual assembly 2016 signed >>

notes round table kuching 2016 >>

IPS Newsletter

To subscribe to the IPS Newsletter in English, contact Susann Warnecke, Communications Manager.

Contact information to IPS office >>

11/2016 of Peatland Snippets (former Peat News) >>

Newsletter august 2016 >>

Newsletter November 2014 >>

Newsletter June 2014 >>

Peatland International 2.2016

pi2.jpgPeatlands International 2.2016, the latest issue of the global member magazine of the IPS, can now be downloaded from the IPS website (no password needed). For the best viewing experience download the PDF and open it in Adobe Reader. Enjoy reading!

The deadline for the next issue is already 30 November. Additional articles and announcements are very welcome. For further information on requirements and previous issues, see

IPS annual report

ipsannualreport2015small-1.jpgA year full of work for our peatland experts...

We have been very busy last year and now you can read what the IPS and its members have accomplished in 2015. Download our Annual Report >>

The IPS National Representatives will be asked to approve the Annual Report 2015 during the Annual Assembly on 19 August in Kuchung, but we wanted to share its contents with you already now.

The important role of bioenergy in European cities

Bioenergy has the potential to become a pillar in the future energy portfolio of cities

In the battle against climate change, cities play a decisive role. Without a targeted policy for cities to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, climate mitigation policies cannot be successful.


New pdf about Climate Smart Peat

Broschyr-torv-EN-1.jpgNew research into peat and peatlands shows that drained peatlands are leaking huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Of no use. The leakage is so large that it exceeds the total carbon dioxide emissions from all domestic traffic in Sweden. It is a problem and we have the solution. By harvesting the renewable resource - peat from drained peatlands - we see to that it can come to good used.

Download pdf >>

Greenhouse gases from drained peatland

Report no 15


Peat is an organic soil that is accumulated because water saturation and lack of oxygen has substantially reduced the decomposition of plant residues. Sweden has around 10M ha of peat covered land whereof 6M ha is categorized as peat land because the peat layer is thicker than 30cm. About 2.6M ha of the peat land is hydrologically more or less affected by ditching in order to enable forestry or agriculture. This report aims at describing greenhouse-gas balances at this hydrologically affected land in a boreal environment, and is based on a large number of scientific reports.

Download report >>

Emissions of greenhouse gases from peatland managed in forestry and agriculture

Climate project, Mats Olsson 2014-07-07 (Translated from the original Swedish by Jay Hennessy)

Download >>

Team spirit is Important for the new managing director (CEO) of Hasselfors Garden


If employees are allowed to both take the initiative and make mistakes increases team spirit and job satisfaction. It's one of the ideas that Royne Lundblad introduced in connection with his took over as managing director for Hassselfors Garden earlier this year.

With a streamlined organization where each employee has a clear responsibility, the new work model won both the employees and the Finnish owner Kekkilä agreement.

Fuel municipality in Ådalen AB - Long preparation for peat bog


It was 15 years ago KBAB, Municipality Fuel in Ådalen AB prepared a bog for future production of peat. Therefore, it is a lucky president who walks on Tvärbäcksmyran two miles from Örnsköldsvik.

- Anyone who works with peat must have patience, it passed more than three years since we got our license and until next year test production can starts, says Sylvia Jonsson.

European peat cooperation celebrates ten Years


EPAGMA, European And Peat Growing Media Association, began their cooperation in 2004 and in this fall the organization celebrates ten-year anniversary. They are 17 peat companies of eleven EU countries, which are members.

Water with a focus on the record numbers of participants


Peat Research Foundation conference about peat water, gathered 47 participants in Uppsala. Most of the participants came from the county administrative boards in Sweden and it was also a highly appreciated opportunity for them as well as peat representatives and researchers to meet, which does not take place so often.

Peat water conference


Foundation peat research conference on peat water on August 18 to 19 gathered 47 participants from the county administrative boards whole of Sweden. There was also a much appreciated opportunity to administrators and peat representatives and researchers to get together - which does not happen very often.

Neova betting on Opening peat extraction sites


Neova, the largest peat company in Sweden, invited the public this summer to show how sustainable peat used for now a day. The third "Open house on peat bog" of this summer, attracted several hundred participants. The goal is to create a greater knowledge and understanding of peat.



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